Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Xplora 1 Peter Gabriel's Secret World

Real World Multimedia, 1993
[ RealWorld ]

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We wanted to pack it full of ideas. There's over 100 minutes of video, 30 minutes of audio, more than a book's worth of text and over 100 still images, so there's lots of stuff to play around with and get lost in. Besides giving you the chance to get inside the music and videos and start playing with the material yourself, we think that the interactive pieces should be a lot of fun, so we have devised a few surprises that we hope will lead you on some interesting journeys.

- Peter Gabriel


Foon said...

Great pictures. I had one of these back then... from what I see yours is missing the postcard, I suppose?

Dieubussy said...

Actually it's there, only not to be seen - I kept it inside the artbook along with the RealWorld registration card. Thank you for the visit and comment.