Thursday, April 16, 2009


Kenichi Nishi & Ryuichi Sakamoto
, 2000
[ / ASCII Entertainment ]



lb003g0676 said...

Wikipedia is amazing, but it's the laziest and most specialised source of information ever invented.

Still atleast I know it was called 'Moon', and it featured a game within a game. It was an RPG that feature no battles. Makes me sick to think of the variety I missed out on the PS1.

Dieubussy said...

The game you mention is Moon RPG Remix Adventure. Surely one of my favorite games ever and I'm glad you had the chance to play it: it is never too late.

Some years ago, wikipedia didn't even mention these games: I searched for information now and I'm quite surprised that someone took the time to create pages for Nishi and some of his games.

Also I was glad to find that an article of mine about is on the top of the "References" list.

Thanks for dropping by.

lb003g0676 said...

Well it's a wonderful resource, but as I say, it's lazy that I can go and discover the exact information I want. And it's also decontextualised information, books offer context of sorts.

And I had never even heard of Moon RPG, let alone played it. It's troubles me that I may never get an opporunity to. Especially with your recommendation. PS1 for me consisted of Abe's Odyssey, Hogs of War and Gran Turismo 2. Wish I had been a bit older to be bale to venture into a wider library.

I would like to be more serious about games, but there is nowhere I can experience these antiques.


Dieubussy said...

Abe's Odyssey is, without a doubt, one of that generation's finest creations. Hogs of War... well, I never went beyond the demo to be honest.

While most would consider this to be retrogaming, the search for older games is, most of the times, not as easy as running some game on an emulator: games like Moon, for instance, are quite hard to come by - not to mention very expensive. I've spent more than I wanted in order to collect some of these relics. What is important is to keep on searching.

lb003g0676 said...

Is it Japanese language exclusive? I think it is, but I will continue searching. Charity Shops I may have to check more frequently.

I think it is. I'd just really like to experience this game that started trying to communicate human interaction long before ICO.

I am only sayign this having read an article by you


Dieubussy said...

Alas Moon was only released in Japan, like every other game. If you want to play one, I’d recommend Lack of Love because it doesn’t use any on screen text – well, almost.

I would say that Ico is more on the line of games like Another World, where characters communicate using universal symbols or gestures other than words. That sort of contact is used in Lack of Love between different species. Moon is more about intricate social interactions, something that was unseen in the previous generation's RPGs. There are no generic characters whose sole purpose is to fill space and add life to a village or town: in Moon, each individual has a routine and a personality of sorts. The whole game serves the purpose of social interaction: without it, our character will not survive. It is an inspiration for games like Shenmue and Animal Crossing.

Thanks for reading the text.