Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Second Coming

Gerrie Villon, Alex Mayhew et Dan Blore
, 1997
[ Real World Multimedia ]



- Winner, Europrix Overall Winner -
Europrix Multimedia Awards, 1998

- Winner, Best Moving Image & Best Sound -
BAFTA Awards 1998


lb003g0676 said...

I dislike your blog.

It teases me with games, I doubt I will ahve the opportunity to play.

I really need to go to some carbootsales and check out what's being sold.

This again on Wikipedia, was a story told between two postcards... And you have to explore the postcards?

How does it work? Is it a game as such or is it an interactive experience?

Dieubussy said...

It is essentially an experience focused on the story of a man and a woman, living in different countries, brought together by an uncanny nature they seem to share. Similar to Bantock’s novel, the characters use postcards and letters to communicate.

The ludic part derives from the puzzle presented on each postcard image or envelope. Like EVE (also from Realworld, please see 2008 posts of this blog), Ceremony of Innocence defied the category of videogame and multimedia in its day. But I believe that, today, the word ‘videogame’ is ample enough to embrace this offspring of the CD-Rom age. It is a remarkable and beautiful love story – as you know, outstanding (love) stories don’t abound in the videogame realm, one of the reasons why I treasure it so much.

If it is on this blog, it is as good as a personal recommendation so, yes, please go search for it. Thank you for your visit.